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We believe our work speaks for itself. We blend food, culture and marketing expertise to deliver powerful integrated solutions that move our clients’ business. Browse our most recent projects below and enjoy our unique work with love for every detail.


Our Unique Services

We tackle food marketing strategy and event planning from all angles to deliver engaging content in the form of original recipes, food, lifestyle photography, video, social entertainment and more. Shall we begin?

Foodie Web & Media Development

We have created an awesome team composed of designers, developers and media companies that can create content quickly and easily.

Branding & Design

We take concepts and turn them into reality by creating, reinventing, and launching  awesome themes that will last and create impact.

Recipe Development

We can create any kind of recipe to suit your marketing needs. Our team excels at creating recipes with special ingredients, and the unique artisan craft approach.

Branded Culinary Events

Our focus is on the development, planning, and execution of special events. Whether they are corporate or private, each has a unique experience.

Private/Personal Chefs

We are also your one stop source for affordable meal and dinning experiences in your home.

Food Sport Events

From steak competitions, BBQ Cook-offs and backyard grill battles, we have done them all, and now we bring the world of Food Sport for everyone to play in.

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The latest creative news from our studio from Brooklyn.


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At Zoari, our culinary team works hard to research and develop new and uniquely presented dishes for each event, so lets talk!

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No ideal is crazy, every single member of our team plays an integral part of bringing an event together. Again lets talk!

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Although we function as a full-service event company, we always work with brands to best capture the event’s style for our clients. So Finally Lets Talk!

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